Cover-art Triptych

Hergé: Prisoners of the Sun

Seven Crystal Balls break first, with terrors—
Lightning vaporizes Rascar Capac
And leads us south into Andean errors
While the maidens chant to Pachacamac.

You have to have read it to have known it;
The Inca splendor, glimpsed in perfect art.
Truth recognized, and Hergé has shown it . . .
Calculus and Haddock: both play their part.

Hermann Hesse: Demian

For this gnostic nonsense, I drank and smoked alone. . .
wore scarves, became a misfit, took drugs, lived Art;
wandered at night in some existential zone
and saw myself a sufferer who dwelt apart.

Laing: The Politics of Experience

This Scottish doctor made me lose my way;
The psychedelic artwork had me fooled.
Yet I love the cover-art to this day . . .
(Though it took me a while to get un-schooled.)

try to write a poem based on a book cover

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