Mountains of Music

I bought this album on cassette at an open-air market near Tacubaya train station when I visited Mexico City in 1998.
Rapidly the music entered my soul, and it helped me learn Spanish. I had always loved Inca Flute music but I was not aware of all the contemporary variations that exist. It can be confusing; the style called Cumbia Andina is actually a Mexican spin-off from true Andean folkloric music. It is also different from, though related to Chicha, which is pop/rock cumbia from the Andes. I love all of this music, although I did not grow up with it and don’t know a wide variety of groups.

Wikipedia explains:

Peruvian cumbia, particularly from the 1960s to mid-1990s, is generally known as “Chicha”, although this definition is quite problematic as both Peruvian cumbia and Chicha currently co-exist and influence each other   […]
Peruvian cumbia started in the 1960s with groups such as Los Destellos, and later with Juaneco y Su Combo, Los Mirlos, Los Shapis, Cuarteto Continental, Los Diablos Rojos, Pintura Roja, Chacalon y la Nueva Crema and Grupo Néctar. Some musical groups that play Peruvian cumbia today are: Agua Marina, Armonia 10, Agua Bella, and Grupo 5. These groups would be classified as Cumbia but often take songs and techniques from Chicha and Huayno in their stylings or as songs. Grupo Fantasma was a Peruvian-Mexican cumbia group. Andean Cumbia, is a style that combines Andean music and cumbia. This style has even become popular in Mexico, as some groups like Grupo Saya claim to be Cumbia andina mexicana, Mexican Andean Cumbia.


Repostería con Cumbia: Las Musas

It’s hard to refrain from posting interesting political/cultural material here.
I need to try to stay on the poetry theme, at least minimally.
Music and dance are acceptable digressions,  however.
So . . . I will repost some of my favorite Poetic/Musical things for a while.
Personally, I think some of these posts are my best (apart from original poetry)
but what my seething multitudes of readers esteem as quality blog-posting—
that is a horse of another color.

I hope you like Cumbia as much as I do.
Consider this an Andean interlude with . . . Las MUSAS  (The Muses) !
Could it be that my muses are fallen and carnal—
or are they challenging me to accept their womanly inspiration
with gratitude to God?

Bleeding Balm: Other Mexicos

For me the balm shall bleed, and amber flow,
The coral redden, and the ruby glow,
The pearly shell its lucid globe infold,
And Phœbus warm the ripening ore to gold.
The time shall come, when, free as seas or wind,
Unbounded Thames shall flow for all man-kind,
Whole nations enter with each swelling tide,
And seas but join the regions they divide;
Earth’s distant ends our glory shall behold,
And the new world launch forth to seek the old.
Then ships of uncouth form shall stem the tide,
And feather’d people crowd my wealthy side;
And naked youths and painted chiefs admire
Our speech, our colour, and our strange attire!
O stretch thy reign, fair Peace! from shore to shore,
Till conquest cease, and slavery be no more;
Till the freed Indians in their native groves
Reap their own fruits, and woo their sable loves;
Peru once more a race of kings behold,
And other Mexicos be roof’d with gold.

Pope Afrom: Windsor Forest

for more heroic iambic pentameter
with Pre-Columbian Cumbia go HERE

I Guard the Flying Rear

Juaneco y su comboPERÚ

Now the Peruvians, in collected might,
With one wide stroke had wing’d the savage flight
But their bright Godhead, in his midday race,
With glooms unusual veil’d his radiant face,
Quench’d all his beams, tho cloudless, in affright,
As loth to view from heaven the finish’d fight.
A trembling twilight o’er the welkin moves,
Browns the dim void, and darkens deep the groves;
The waking stars, embolden’d at the sight,
Peep out and gem the anticipated night…
When pious Capac to the listening crowd
Raised high his wand and pour’d his voice aloud:
Ye chiefs and warriors of Peruvian race,
Some sore offence obscures my father’s face;
What moves the Numen to desert the plain,
Nor save his children, nor behold them slain?
Fly! speed your course, regain the guardian town,
Ere darkness shroud you in a deeper frown;
The faithful walls your squadrons shall defend,
While my sad steps the sacred dome ascend,
To learn the cause, and ward the woes we fear:
Haste, haste, my sons! I guard the flying rear…

excerpt from: The Columbiad, Book III  by Joel Barlow

Inca Eclipse