Repostería con Cumbia: Las Musas

It’s hard to refrain from posting interesting political/cultural material here.
I need to try to stay on the poetry theme, at least minimally.
Music and dance are acceptable digressions,  however.
So . . . I will repost some of my favorite Poetic/Musical things for a while.
Personally, I think some of these posts are my best (apart from original poetry)
but what my seething multitudes of readers esteem as quality blog-posting—
that is a horse of another color.

I hope you like Cumbia as much as I do.
Consider this an Andean interlude with . . . Las MUSAS  (The Muses) !
Could it be that my muses are fallen and carnal—
or are they challenging me to accept their womanly inspiration
with gratitude to God?

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