Sinister Solomonic Insinuations

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Etiopia Yemen

WE cannot tell exactly who the Queen of the South was,
nor exactly where Sheba lay. The expression used is Yemen, the south. Yemen is the name of a part of Arabia Felix and it would appear from the spices which the Queen brought with her that she came from that region. At the same time, the Abyssinians claim her as having been their queen. They say that she was converted through her conversations with Solomon, that afterwards the faith of God was preserved in the country, and hence that that famous Ethiopian, who was a eunuch of great authority under Candace in later times, was a proselyte to the Jewish faith on account of that faith existing in Abyssinia. 

A Greater Than Solomon 
[Sermon #3166 by Charles Spurgeon – published October 14, 1909]

And King Solomon gave to the queen of Sheba all that she desired, whatever she asked besides what was given her by the bounty of King Solomon. So she turned and went back to her own land with her servants. Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold, besides that which came from the explorers and from the business of the merchants, and from all the kings of the west and from the governors of the land.

1 Kings 10:13-15 [ESV]

No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls:
for the price of wisdom is above rubies.
The topaz of Ethiopia shall not equal it,
neither shall it be valued with pure gold.

Job 28: 18-19 [KJV]

This calls for wisdom:
let the one who has understanding
calculate the number of the beast,

for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

Revelation 13:18

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Be Acquainted with ɯɨʂɗɵɱ…

How do we make her acquaintance?
Sometimes we need someone to introduce us to her.
We all want wisdom. We all need wisdom.
The unwise do not know the extent to which they lack wisdom…

I am in love with wisdom. But she is capricious and has spurned my advances, often when I needed her the most. I think we are finally working it out (Wisdom & I), thus far into eternity; I acknowledge that she is out of my league, and in acknowledgement of this she turns my way every once in a while and allows me to glimpse her transcendent beauty.

I wish I could have more of her, but I would probably ruin the whole thing.
Come to think of it, too much wisdom almost ruined King Solomon himself…

Receive my instruction, and not silver,
And knowledge rather than choice gold;
For wisdom is better than rubies,
And all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her.

Proverbs 8:10,11 [NKJV]

 I wisdom dwell with prudence,
and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

Proverbs 8:12 [KJV]

This by way way of introduction to some upcoming posts about someone dear to my heart – a beautiful being named ɯɨʂɗɵɱ.

Notes on the original Beatles song:

The Beatles’ 1968 stay in Rishikesh was originally scheduled to last for three months. Predictably, Ringo and his wife Maureen were the first to leave, after ten days, citing the “holiday camp” atmosphere, the spiciness of the food, the excessive insects and the stifling midday temperatures. Well, it was India, after all—what exactly did they
expect, if not deathly spicy cuisin
e, mosquitos, bedbugs and inter-
minable heat? If they wanted blan
d food and cool weather, they
should have stayed in Liverpool,
awash in bangers and mash to
“fill the gap.”
Paul McCartney and Jane Asher bailed out a month later,
pleading homesickness.
John and Cynthia and George an
d Patti, however, persevered,
with John and George writing many songs which would later ap-
pear on the
White Album.
Indeed, most of the thirty-plus songs on
that disc were composed in the Maharishi’s ashram. “Dear Pru-
dence,” for one, was written for
Mia Farrow’s sister, who was so intent on spiritual advancement that it was delegated to John and George to get her to “come out to play” after her three weeks of meditative seclusion in her chalet.