Aversion to Adverse Events

Further insinuations of adversity were acknowledged.

Questions arose as best practices were responsively adjusted
to assess and address the best-dressed actresses
and enhance seamless referrals.

What should data-driven differentiation designators do
when inter-relater liability becomes inter-liar relateability?

How are we to accurately assess the data
without throwing the rubric
through the window of opportunity for expansion of services?

Is there an existing rubric
to facilitate enhanced understanding
of this type of protocol deviation?

Sheesh – it feels kinda HOT in here. ..
How come all of you have HORNS and fangs?
Data Hell2

Body Scan

 Body Scan1

Counting the syllables to Doomsday
I’m falling to my knees
while fools are talking football.

Turning off the television set
I’m running for a face
that shines more than the human

Tongue-tied prayer throughout the long night watch:
interpreting my litany
He grants me, undeserving,





When the damned lost souls are voidedhttps://i0.wp.com/4vector.com/i/free-vector-curvy-road-ahead-sign-clip-art_109587_Curvy_Road_Ahead_Sign_clip_art_hight.png
into the abyss of hell
I hope to have avoided
that last death-knell.

The blood of Christ assures me
that such can be admitted.
I pray it sanctifies me –
desires permitted.

They preach of joy unending
of sheer expanding praise,
but the unseen evidence lingers:
my carnal ways:https://i0.wp.com/vector.me/files/images/1/9/195796/svg_road_signs_clip_art.jpg

I flash on astral hotties
(the flames that life denied)
among celestial bodies
beyond the great divide.

I muse on raptured virgins;
Christ’s parables made flesh
and my unspoken longings
unveiled and fresh.

I long to know profoundly
the promised stellar faces –https://i0.wp.com/static.seton.com/media/catalog/product/Road-Construction-Signs-Caution-Construction-In-Progress-L3570-ba.jpg
or sleep so deep,  so soundly
no dreams leave traces.

My hopes for that dimension
alloyed with base designs
grow vague. Incomprehension
misreads the signs.



Why is modern poetry so bad?

With their insistence on the impermeable barriers of race, gender and class, these liberal post-modernists keep anyone from saying anything about anything but his own private world. “How dare a white male poet speak for anyone but himself. . . . How can he raise his voice above a self-subverting whisper?”

full article by Ron Charles  HERE