Poetry of Internet Marketing

increase positive online reviews

by using interactive, automated, mobile-friendly chatbots.

Facebook Business Page
reviews with your reviews site of choice
(like Google,Yelp,or industry-specialized review sites).
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You can use the bot we just created together. Here’s the link to try it out for yourself. Reviews bot demo is here to help you generate more leads and engagement with your customers. Sign up for chatbot builder to launch marketing, customer service and sales bots for Facebook Messenger, SMS and web chat. Gmarketing news and tips via Chat with other chat marketing enthusiasts in the exclusive Island on Facebook! Leave a Comment. Your email address will not be published.

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We’ll review a step-by-step process to increase positive online reviews by using interactive, automated, mobile-friendly chatbots. This exact system is proven to generate tens and hundreds of 5-star reviews in a matter of hours or days. If you have 30 minutes, you can set up this exact system to unlock a steady-flow of 5-star reviews for your business.

And it’s totally free to build and launch.

Immeasurable Outcomes: Evidence-Based Irrelevance

It’s about leveraging potential income
to enhance output-maximizing sustainability . . .
It’s about de-funding unsustainable income outcomes.
It’s about results-based data-enhanced paradigm shifts.
It’s about demobilizing upward mobility:
dis-empowering gentrification
by underfunding the over-entitled.

It’s about de-funding unsustainability
until the immeasurable metric is globally assimilated.

It’s about the designated data-driver.
It’s about memes as theme schemes.

It’s about complicating competence
through collaboration in collusion—
intentionally replicating re-branding.
Effectively identifying best practices of the best-dressed actresses
until the girl in the t-shirt says meh.

Meh girl


S-Pop Bubble

Whining—then pitching sullen fits
each time their childish will is crossed,
tech-addled sassy little shits
prove education’s cause is lost.

Such children show that means regress
once the family is supplanted
claiming rights they do not possess;
taking taxpayer funds for granted.

Loosed from homes of dark dysfunction
tyrant-bred by single mothers,
no devoted teacher’s unction
will suffice to raise another’s.

Oblivious to strategies
of motivation and reward
they sing our nation’s elegies.
The dull refrain: yo Miss—I’m bored.

This the greatest reparation
from the coffers of the state:
data-driven education
sacrificed to second-rate.


Silly nature stuff;
Nature doesn’t give a damn
about fallen man.





Linked In vs. Let Out

It’s about loving what you do for being who you are, tooting your own horn to celebrate yourself as you tumble out of your blog right on your Facebook. It’s all about the you in you showcasing  your own self to show what you got and prove why you‘re the star. The next big thing in social media: it’s so over now. The new platform was old hat before you even upped the stats while tipping your hat to the old social platforms. Why? Content. It’s all about posting original content so you can get caught in your social media network, haul yourself to shore, and fillet yourself on Twitter. It’s about drinking outside of the box, parked, with a beer on your dashboard. Upping the stat-check until the chat stacks its own status update without you. It’s about getting the apps BEFORE they are released so you get in on the ground floor as they leap from the burning upper levels. It’s about following yourself until they know that you know that the blind are leading the ditch-diggers to water. Work smart, fish smart, let the net do the work as you socially engage the fish community on social media.

  • Facebook boosted ads is where it’s at in posted social advertising.

  • Instagram is a serious branding tool for brands of any kind, especially for ranch-hands of free-range cattle, cowboys and indian tech gurus.

  • Boosted posts do well if you want posts to boost more frequently than existing fans or their friends.

  • You know your In-platform ad tracking analytics are top-notch when your train leaves without you from Big Six platform.