You posed yourselves (in radical English)
with fellow-travelers on the barricades.
recalling bygone barrio fusillades
though you speak only red diaper Spanish…
Beholding the party cooperative
where gringo tourists are shown Cuban truth,
you cherished the lies of your leftist youth,
half-informed, predictably progressive.
Stuffed full of radicalized rice and beans,
flatulent, dreaming of ignoble Che
you charmed the sultry proletarian queens.
In your new Guayabera, bonafide,
you hailed the revolutionary day;
pale thorn in the suffering People’s side…


Sandalistas really exist !

There are still a few around . . .



I am sad to hear of the murderous repression in Nicaragua by the Sandinista regime, at the hands of the tyrant Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo. In the linked article there are reports from Granada, my wife’s birthplace and the town we were married in. [Granada hosts an annual poetry festival, BTW]. It is a picturesque town, which was submitted as a World Heritage site in 2003. It appears there is looting and destruction happening there right now (?)

While the mainsteam media repeats over and over and over again negative comments and continued criticism of our President Donald Trump, here close to the USA a storm is brewing. Nicaragua (which is closer than Venezuela) is becoming more violent daily. Think for a moment, before you pull out the cushy patio furniture and bar-b-que getting ready for the summer of 2018, there are many suffering needlessly close to home.

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Convulsiones Nicas

Latin Alliance [1991]

De Nicaragua yo vengo directo / vengo en efecto 
decilo correcto / contalo que es cierto

Telling the truth about where I come from NICARAGUA
the Lyrical Latin is a Central American
telling the story of the glory of the land
a once beautiful country now free of command
but something went wrong
with a strong form of government—
they tried to give it an adjustment . . .

Así comenzó la guerilla  / donde matan a sangre fría
Cold-blooded; not giving it a second thought
the love of freedom was the reason that so many fought
The start of corruption and the destruction
when given an order – you follow that instruction.
This is the place where everyone takes command: no man’s land . . .

No man’s land / meaning no exit or entry: place of no choice / wishing and envy
Force of this kind / brainwashing the mind / families split apart and left behind

todo comenzó con la revolución / gente no estaba satisfecha con la función
that the country had  / and the system it was running
plans were now made and war was now coming
tiraron los Somoza y entró el Sandinismo / cuando pasó eso entró el comunismo

my people use their own people
they got greedy with the power to not treat’em as an equal
this is the place where everyone takes command: no man’s land…

♪♫♫ MUSIC ♪♪♫ 

Niños tirados a la guerra / también mujeres peleaban como fieras
so many people were tortured and killed, so much pain / so much blood spilled
I can’t believe / no lo puedo creer como la gente cambian cuando tienen poder
colors of the flag replaced in fact: the red means blood and death means black
and in the center of the flag: F.S.L.N / la bandera Sandinista se sostiene

hopefully one day we’ll all be at peace
and all of these countries will soon be released
so we won’t sink into the communist quicksand: no man’s land…

FSLNflag of Nicaragua