Vajra Cast From Golden Heights


Bards of the bardo, hear my lay;
ye glacial Himalayas, sway.
Raise a warming toast in sake,
while my mystic muse gets cocky.

You who seek enlightenment
unto whom these lines are sent
open wide your spirit’s portal
(you—who are not yet immortal)

as we weigh a departed soul
and hurl a vajra. Let it roll
with tantric thunderclap appeal
while startled Bodhisattvas reel.

Turn from the heights with sober eyes
and under less celestial skies
let us scrutinize the preacher,
pop-star and Tibetan teacher:

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
(born in a manger, so they say)
grew up deep in Eastern mountains,
fed by esoteric fountains.

Soon he became a monkish abbot
painting thankas, chanting sutra
in a saffron-colored habit
high above the Brahmaputra.

Later, the teacher headed west
suckling Maya‘s milky breast
selling used mantras on the way
to devis who came out to play.

Eventually, in Colorado
he rocked the Rockies, thrilled the Beats
Bringing to his own weird bardo
bolder moves and tipsy feats.

Crazy wisdom’s drunken master
clothed in smartly elegant style,
steered disciples toward disaster—
partying gleefully all the while.

He tantalized the Tantric flirtsDakini1
by seeking Buddhahood up their skirts;
preaching, as their morals sunk
from The Tibetan Book of the Drunk

Meditating, glass in hand
life of the party (of the damned)
the master mingled with dakinis
deep in the bardo of red bikinis.

Leaving behind a score of tulkus
empty bottles, broken parts
books of empty words that fools choose
after charlatans steal their hearts,

Trungpa Rinpoche went down
shaman of shame, hung-over clown
and tried to mend his Karmic puncture
where the left-hand paths make juncture:

Axis of the All, he spoke
a massive Himalayan joke.
Chogyam’s sacred shambala
brought last laughs to the last hurrah.

When his Dharma-dream was ended
Trungpa woke in hell, a snowball;
karmic punctures still unmended
prisoner of the Bardo Thodol

Should you doubt the truths I tell,
the facts are documented well.
Crazy, isnt it? What we’ll take
from vajra-vendors on the make.

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche,
Wisdom of sages and guru of pop

consulted dakinis in black bikinis;
talked shop…

Enlightened by wisdom’s varied liquors
fueled by a thirst for Buddhahood
this ex-Abbot fed his habit—
(not good).

Trungpa, winged with eastern wisdom
fell from Tibet to the decadent West.
Buddhist conjectures packed his lectures.
Trung was blessed

with warm and available devotees
who sought Himalayan experience .
One curious girl had a tantric whirl
of deliverance.

Escaping her Northern boarding school
she incarnated in his suite.
Spiritual union in carnal communion
yielded heat.

And then in nine months came forth a boy:
a reincarnated holy one.
Google his name of dubious fame:
the tulku son.


6 comments on “Vajra Cast From Golden Heights

  1. Dave Spencer says:

    When I was a teen and into my early twenties it was assumed by many (and I was also suckered into thinking this way a bit) that the holy men on the planet would be found in the East. Imagine my surprise a few years after my conversion to serious Christianity that the real spiritually powerful religion was the one with Jesus Christ as its Head. Also, most, if not all, of the “miracles” and acts of these Indian hucksters are magic tricks and illusions. “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. C.C. says:

    This is very intelligent writing…I love all the references :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wiseblooding says:

    C.C. says “intelligent writing” but I’d describe it as brilliant instead. I am awed by your depth of knowledge and (thankfully) the understanding to go with it! I’m learning from you. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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