Intellectuational Linguistics: Benchmarks for Bench-Warming

The author, after recently publishing

Working to Frame Approaches Towards Approaching Frameworks:
Contextualizing Systemic Interventions as an Interventional System in Context

collaborated with himself and co-wrote

Granting Greater Rights to Grant-Writers:
Turning Down the Echo in an Eco-Downturn.

Both papers were well-received and build on the strength of the author’s initial work, published in 2020, entitled:

Speed-Dating the Data: Progressive Measures towards Measurable Progress

 The author’s third paper examined day-by-day data deterrence as a strategy to enhance documentation of impact towards tracking the implementation of benchmarks. The main thesis of the author’s 78-page analysis was that out-dated data, when out on a date, flirts with obsolescence by trying to ford the current affordability when instead, it could be out-sourcing data while invoicing clients in adolescence—rather than dragging the river for dead data. All three publications are recommended and underwritten by overwhelmed authorized ghost writers and this blog.


2 comments on “Intellectuational Linguistics: Benchmarks for Bench-Warming

  1. Curt says:

    Looking back I would say this is one of your better future works. Bravo.

    Liked by 1 person

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