War of the Worlds (1953)

postwar paranoia/USA vs. God/divine intervention = hostile Martians/tripartite invasive TV eyes/alien reconnaissance: surveillance state monitors / the Other inserts itself into 1950’s ontology/atomic alienation/ V-wings void of victory/fashionable fission/extraterrestrials as seraphic vengeance/bridal consummation: Sylvia reappears / the bride found in the Protestant church/cataclysmic climaxes/sublimated mating/ Independence Day ripped off the best scenes/prayer changes things

One comment on “War of the Worlds (1953)

  1. fRED says:

    Red Planet Mars


    PS: I like the 1950s War of the World better. (All that is needed is to “erase” the wires holding up the space ships). The remake is disgusting.


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