Global: Just Say NO

We are not one groovy world waiting for international borders to become obsolete.
We are not spiritual but nonreligious. We are not moving toward greater unity. We are not evolving beyond war. We are not making the paradigm shift into a new global consciousness. We are not becoming more interconnected as we find out we are all One. All cultures are not equal. We are not realizing that millions of years of selective adaptation have brought us to this glorious moment. Technology will not unite us all. We are not global citizens.

There is one God and He created us. We are sinners. God ordained the nation-state, imperfect as it is. We are fragmenting and re-forming into national sovereign entities. Some cultures are superior to other cultures. Some religions are better than others and some need to be suppressed and resisted. Education will not solve humanity’s issues. We are not free to imagine God however we wish. We must approach God on His terms alone, not on ours, and we MUST acknowledge what the Word of God declares.

Sorry about that, humanity.

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