War of the Worlds (1953)

postwar paranoia/USA vs. God/divine intervention = hostile Martians/tripartite invasive TV eyes/alien reconnaissance: surveillance state monitors / the Other inserts itself into 1950’s ontology/atomic alienation/ V-wings void of victory/fashionable fission/extraterrestrials as seraphic vengeance/bridal consummation: Sylvia reappears / the bride found in the Protestant church/cataclysmic climaxes/sublimated mating/ Independence Day ripped off the best scenes/prayer changes things

Fear Not: Cherubim vs. Seraphim

Ezekiel SHARP

Why do sinful human beings think of angels as cute little bambini, lovable old bumbling frumps, androgynous pretty-boys and feathered friends? The Bible depicts them as terrifying messengers, who fill their startled beholders with panic and sickness unto dread. In Ezekiel, they are described as freaky frightening extraterrestrial beings with multiple faces (beast and human), as well as having myriad eyes covering their fiery bodies. Angels must first allay the fears of the humans they encounter before they are able to get their message across.

Who & what exactly are the messengers of Heaven ?

Colonial Graven