S-Pop Bubble

Whining—then pitching sullen fits
each time their childish will is crossed,
tech-addled sassy little shits
prove education’s cause is lost.

Such children show that means regress
once the family is supplanted
claiming rights they do not possess;
taking taxpayer funds for granted.

Loosed from homes of dark dysfunction
tyrant-bred by single mothers,
no devoted teacher’s unction
will suffice to raise another’s.

Oblivious to strategies
of motivation and reward
they sing our nation’s elegies.
The dull refrain: yo Miss—I’m bored.

This the greatest reparation
from the coffers of the state:
data-driven education
sacrificed to second-rate.


Silly nature stuff;
Nature doesn’t give a damn
about fallen man.





2 comments on “S-Pop Bubble

  1. I think about these things a lot — it seems to me that we have entirely lost our demand for quality, let alone excellence, and our attention spans are decreasing at an alarming rate (“Yo Miss — I’m bored” indeed).

    I enjoyed the read a lot (and will be thinking about it for a little longer, which is always a good thing in my book), and LOVED the haiku at the end!


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