Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo

Endless scoldings from the Nanny
mean-face global fascist granny;
data-driven witch of woe
born of winter’s frigid flow.

Boys rebel in her dull school:
passive subversion of her rule.
Minds thus stagnate—shut down early
graduating sullen, surly;
unsure why they hate the world,
unmanned and caponized; begirled.

Oh snap! No Haiku.
Got to come up with one quick . . .
OK (breathe again)

S-Pop Bubble

Whining—then pitching sullen fits
each time their childish will is crossed,
tech-addled sassy little shits
prove education’s cause is lost.

Such children show that means regress
once the family is supplanted
claiming rights they do not possess;
taking taxpayer funds for granted.

Loosed from homes of dark dysfunction
tyrant-bred by single mothers,
no devoted teacher’s unction
will suffice to raise another’s.

Oblivious to strategies
of motivation and reward
they sing our nation’s elegies.
The dull refrain: yo Miss—I’m bored.

This the greatest reparation
from the coffers of the state:
data-driven education
sacrificed to second-rate.


Silly nature stuff;
Nature doesn’t give a damn
about fallen man.





Low Definition Digital Delay


Globally dense, our ailing nation
makes one weep for sheer frustration
thoughts and dreams grow numb.
Tech-addled students scroll on phones,
‘midst scent of android pheromones,
wafting digital dumb.

Pop-culture, narcissist unkind
dispenses with the human mind
which, failing further, falls behind
the grimly global curve.

We read, in writing on the wall
arithmetic’s impending fall
while numbers loiter in the hall
to get what they deserve.

ENQUIRY, tagged as D.O.A,
a sheeted stiff, is wheeled away
her mourners left to grieve.
entitled maiden, full of sass,
LIBERTY begs a bathroom pass
her bladder to relieve.

When zit-faced rebels run the show
the dismal ratings plummet low;
a vulgarized cartoon.
Descending to unfathomed levels,
Ignorance applauds her devils
calling out their tune.

PATRIOTISM, tarred and feathered
headless, claws its cage untethered
foul, unloved, unfree:
Another casualty of time
which fell for want of noble rhyme;
to water FREEDOM’s tree.

CURIOSITY, half asleep,
now stirs and murmurs from the deep
uninterested, untaught.
She grows yet duller in her ways
returning to her ocean daze,
(her schools of fish uncaught).

HISTORY, dormant, lies in dust
a narrative no man can trust
a book no scholar reads.
Events unstudied as designed
wherein the heart of humankind
for want of context, bleeds.

DEMOCRACY degenerates
until God wills and activates
a nation’s drive to learn.
Curricula will be made void;
disheartened teachers unemployed,
their wisdom fit to burn.

You think the past was less obtuse?
Less prone to youthful thought-abuse?
Perhaps . . .  back in the day.
And though it may have been the same.
this poet opts to place the blame
on digital delay.

Genteel Zen Buddhists
dwelling in eternal Now
make dull poetry