Rate/Berate the Pastorate


Pastors posting fluff on Facebook
longing to be liked for being hip
read from the dull world’s losing playbook
to sink with their own authorship;
virtue-signalling to the flock
(a milky slice of soggy toast)
while gallivanting ’round the block
and hoping that you’ll like their post.


Trump’s Amerikkka:
Haiku is now act of war
against Fascism ☺


6 comments on “Rate/Berate the Pastorate

  1. Bellz says:

    #FACTS So much truth to this.


  2. LOL! How did I miss this one? That’s quite good. :)

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  3. colonialist says:

    Good, indeed.
    Others grab the least credible bits of scripture and pound them out with relentless tenacity.

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  4. Desdi says:

    Colonialist, you are that rare commodity (stress “oddity”):
    a freethinker and atheist who is always pleasant, civil, and supportive to fellow poets.

    I wish more were like you.


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