White Magic


Militant poetess, dark ingrate
From what black hole did you emigrate?
From what strange galaxy of spite
Did you slither forth to curse and bite?
What absent father spawned your soul
to spread such vicious vitriol
And bring bad vibes wherever you go
In your bitter black feminist minstrel show?


Dark matter could be white dwarfs, the remnants of cores of dead small-to medium-size stars. Or dark matter could be neutron stars or black holes, the remnants of large stars after they explode. The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope can detect high-energy gamma rays that may be emitted when dark matter particles collide.     
from: NASA.gov


PROMPT #6:  Go to a book you love. Find a short line that strikes you.
Make that line the title of your poem. Write a poem inspired by the line.
Then, after you’ve finished, change the title completely.

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