Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo

Endless scoldings from the Nanny
mean-face global fascist granny;
data-driven witch of woe
born of winter’s frigid flow.

Boys rebel in her dull school:
passive subversion of her rule.
Minds thus stagnate—shut down early
graduating sullen, surly;
unsure why they hate the world,
unmanned and caponized; begirled.

Oh snap! No Haiku.
Got to come up with one quick . . .
OK (breathe again)

Boomtowns Gone Bust

When nations give God the middle finger,
Remnants of his bronze-age wrath may linger
And mess with investments or data-plans
Or gender (both the mother’s and the man’s).
National cycles of slow boom then bust
Reveal the limitations of our dust—
And the Lord who prospers may change, and curse
From behind the facade of our universe.
A tech-addled farce: that’s the dying face
Of our graceless, depraved and inhuman race
Glowing with sin; lit up by tiny screens
Upon which the globalist ends and means
Seep into clueless souls. These dead-in-life
With which our funereal times are rife,
Live for online shopping, Facebook, and sports
Immune to all the incoming reports
That their doom is hastening on its way
Inexorable progress, no delay . . .
With the Sovereign Lord, there is no plan B
For the tools of a godless technocracy.

Twilight’s wind now stirs.
In sacred grove leaves tremble . . .
Shoot. Lost my damn keys



You globalists politically correct

Whose agendas infect, whose zeal diverts

limpid flowing water into culverts;

stagnant streams you trace—but cannot connect.

You suppress truth, enable and protect

alien subversion.  So truth asserts

her right to cleanse and purge; justice reverts

to judgment as our heritage is wrecked.

Let citizens awaken—or reject

as useless: Faith, Family, God and Country.

Triumph forevermore, you despiséd sect

enemies wish dead, buried, forgotten.

Spare us the multi-culti effrontery;

May their one-world perish, misbegotten.