Data-Baiting Data-Hooks

The ability to tell the story of numbers –
to extract meaning from spreadsheets and analytics reports,
to tease out insights from seeming mountains of data –

Arment Dietrich

One of the most powerful, understated skills of the future in marketing
is the person who can generate insight from data.

Christopher S. Penn

It’s about infusing data with meaning:
pre-dating outdated data;
liberating data from the catchment base
and stocking the data-pool
while re-stocking the data-bar,
then raising  that same data-bar
until the data jumps over it
so we catch the information
as the benchmarks are liberated.

(Please mark all data
before throwing it back in the data-pool
in order to facilitate
tracking, hunting and fishing of future data
without endangering
the target population.)

Poetic Data


Born 2B Data-Driven !

Data Wreck1

In a panic, having lost control of the vehicle at high speed and swerving off the Data Highway, I assessed the impending impact and made quick mental notes for a feasibility study as the stationary tree moved closer rapidly. In a flash, ultimate outcomes passed before my eyes, like the newest edition of a celestial Clearslide/PowerPoint/Prezi presentation tool:

  • Data drives performance indicators as the winter wind whips the data-driven snow.

  • Real-time numbers are to outcomes what God is to Heaven.

  • Data supersedes Life as Christ supersedes the angels.

  • Vigorous data collection enhances and informs rigorous data selection.

  • Data is to outcomes as outcomes are to income.

  • Objectives tied to measurable outcomes bring numbers back into the game and turns  benchwarmers into real-time benchmarks.

  • Data quality ensures accountability, facilitates transparency, and reduces redundancy.

  • Performance indicators are ultimate vindicators, turning competitors into partners and sustaining creative growth by creating sustainable change.

  • Data are plural – but only to the Brits . . .

These bulleted staff-development phantasms surged into my mind right before the massive, jarring crunch when my vehicle smashed into the Tree of Life that grows just off the Data-Driven Highway. I cannot recall the moment of collision, nor the impact assessment study that preceded it. It seemed many, many Continuing Staff Improvement sessions later when I awoke to the soothing pastel shades and muted color scheme of a projected graphic full of squiggly arrows, cyber-hieroglyphics and professionally-presented slides filled with corporate jargon. I was finally in Data Heaven where the numbers never lie but rise to live forever.  I had achieved my final measurable objective!